Web Design & Development

The design process usually includes “designing” new and creative visual media (we love that!). For us it’s much more: it’s a framework for solving problems at the drawing board, and bringing clients through a strategic process of discovery, where we learn together what works and what doesn’t.

With vast experience, and a finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing landscape, we provide strategic consulting, as well as comprehensive custom design and development for mobile-friendly websites and apps.

Problem Solving

Modern marketing is tough. People are barraged with messages. Sophisticated marketing tools are widely available to laypeople. Audiences are increasingly suspicious of advertising.We give clients a competitive edge: elevating their brand through smart strategy and top-shelf design, and staking a unique claim in the minds of prospects. Competitors get nervous. Customers take notice. Staff feel proud.

We take pride in your website

From your initial value-packed free consultation to the keys-in-your-hands training on your site, we know you will feel the care, effort and joy we put into every single project, at every step. We created the GDP Design Package with heart and mind, so you can have the best of both worlds: all the technology, creativity and expertise a great website requires plus the reliable, consistent, friendly service you will appreciate.

East for users. Easy for you.

We design our websites so that content is easily uploaded or embedded and pages can be easily updated, added, and removed. We design the backend so it’s intuitive to upload media (videos, photos, etc) and publish new content.

The GDP Difference

With over 6 years designing amazing websites for businesses locally and nationally, we have the expertise and the passion for making your project a resounding success.

We will install Google Analytics on your website or import your existing Google Analytics so you can track visits, clicks, conversions and much more

We always endeavor to create websites that are easy for people with disabilities to understand and navigate. We are also able to meet specific accessibility goals such as a particular WCAG level or ADA standard.

In addition to the security services we offer through our hosting plan, we host all of our sites with SSL. SSL provides improved security and improved search rankings in Google.